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3 important advantages of natural cleaning products

We like to eat healthy and prefer to use natural ingredients for our skin, but have you ever thought of the advantages of natural cleaning products? We’d rather replace toxic ingredients and fumes with natural enzymes and the fragrance of ethereal oils. Wouldn’t you? In this blog, we’ll teach you why the latter deserves your attention and should absolutely be a part of your healthy lifestyle. Quickly read on and you’ll never look back again. 

Kinfill, Danhera and The Laundress are working it in the home cleaning department. Not only because of their products, that work naturally, but also because they’re helping to shift the image of natural cleaning products from dusty to cool. The Laundress uses non damaging cleaning enhancers for a good cleaning result without leaving any chemical residue. Among other ingredients, Italian brand Danhera uses precious cilia-molecules in suspension and aroma therapeutic fragrances for a luxury cleaning experience. Hmmmmm….and the Dutch brand Kinfill has thought of a system that doesn’t only make cleaning less damaging for the environment but also offers a design that will tickle your fancy for sure.

1. Better for your health
The scent of bleach and multi-purpose cleaner is associated with cleanliness by many and we understand why - we’re conditioned that way. But have you ever thought of the fumes that come from chemical cleaning products? Or what about the invisible, unhealthy residue on that countertop where you prepare your meals? All different ways in which chemical particles can enter our bodies and we surely don’t want that.

The Laundress
2. Better for your clothes
Chemical cleaning detergents - that use chemical acids and bleach - are not only aggressive against dirt and grease but also for your clothes. Spatters from your soapy water or spray bottle can leave nasty, irreversible damage and stains. Cleaning products that are made with natural ingredients are less harsh because they work with natural enzymes and are perfumed with essential oils.
3. Better for the planet
Eco-friendly cleaning detergents are biodegradable because they don’t contain chemicals and therefore do not harm the environment. Think of the amount of damaging residue you throw away after every cleaning session - not so good for mother nature so ultimately, not good for us either. Kinfill even takes it a step further with a handy, very sustainable and above all, super stylish system using bottles made of Italian glass that last a lifetime. All you need is the refill with concentrate to mix with regular tap water and you instantly have a new load.
When you've cleaned your house from top to bottom using natural cleaning agents, why not also add the perfect finishing touch by adding some ambiance with a natural room spray, scented candles or fragrance sticks? We don't have to mention that these are also made with vegetable ingredients and with natural essential oils, right? 
Home fragrances
Check out our entire Home Care selection here and clean your home with attention to both your health and the planet. 

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