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5 ways to make wearing all black look fresh

Let it be known that we love black! Black officially isn’t even a color but in the world of fashion, black is the undisputed winner when it comes to favorite ‘colors’. And we get why: black is stylish, suitable for all occasions (except weddings), has an optically slimming effect and never - truly never - loses its style credibility. But with the idea of an almost entirely black wardrobe, thoughts of one-sidedness may arise - nothing could be further from the truth! We’ll show you that you can look totally different every time, wearing all black outfits. Quickly read on to learn more.
1. Different structures 
Never underestimate the impact of different fabrics. The effects might be subtle, but they can make all the difference between your outfit looking plain or fashionable. Think of the smooth, subtle shiny surface of leather versus the soft, structured look of knits. Or the difference between sheer chiffon and smooth satin. These nuances can create just the kind of chemistry you’re looking for in your outfit. A different structure could also be about the stiffness of a fabric; think supple silk as opposed to rigid denim.
2. Different silhouettes
Okay, let’s be honest; black isn’t the most eye-catching color. It doesn’t create the same kind of impact as when you enter the room in an entirely red outfit. But even the more freedom you have to experiment with different silhouettes. So, step out of your comfort zone and be bold in trying different silhouettes that you haven’t tried before; think oversized fits, dramatic puff sleeves, circle skirts or go for an ultra-sleek silhouette.
3. Different styles
From classic to contemporary to street style - black suits every dress style you can think off - the same goes for all-black outfits. Add chicness with classic heels or dress down with sneakers. By varying with different accessories, you’ll easily add a different twist to your looks every time.
4. Choose prints
A simple way to break an all-black look without wandering too far from your black theme, is to go for printed black items. This way, you’ll still create a black look, but with a playful twist.
5. Attention to details
Details, details, details! When you don’t want to break your black look but emphasize it, then go all out on the black theme. Choose black, all the way down to black accessories and even black nail polish - this way you’ll create an even larger, more dramatic impact.

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