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6 clever styling tricks to keep wearing your summer clothes in autumn and winter

Days are getting shorter, temperatures have dropped and grey skies have arrived. But this doesn’t mean we have to store away our summer clothes. There are numerous ways to keep wearing your favorite summer garments during the fall. And we’re not referring to a tropical getaway.  
It speaks for itself that you can wear all your T-shirts, tops and blouses layered on colder days. Naturally, you can pair your cardigan or blazer jacket with a sleeveless dress or wear your breezy skirt with tights, but we want to show you 6 styling ideas for a more out-of-the-box way of layering your looks. Read more below and give your autumn looks a modern make-over with a hint of summer.
Layering is all about creating contrasts in silhouette, material and color, but you can also opt for a balanced look. For example, you can pair a mini dress with a thigh-length cardigan or a maxi dress with a maxi-length cardigan. This creates a harmonious balance and shifts the focus on other design elements. This styling trick is perfect for all your dresses, skirts and jumpsuits.  HPay attention to fabrics, lengths and your own body length. Pair similar fabrics or fabrics that balance each other.     

A T-shirt or long sleeve worn underneath a dress or jumpsuit makes a comeback every season and our favorite styling tip is to combine a slip dress with a long sleeve T-shirt. But you can also choose to wear your summer dress layered over a blouse or shirt for a renewed twist.   Styling tip: pair a printed dress/jumpsuit with a printed long sleeve/blouse for a cool clashing print styling this autumn.     

Wear a dress as a base with a sweater layered over it to create an optical sweater-skirt-combination. We prefer a sweater in a chunky knit for a cool contrast. Pick a loose-fit or oversized sweater, so the contours of the top or dress won’t be visible underneath the sweater. Of course, you can also pair your summer skirts with a chunky knit to balance a summery fabric with a warm knit.   

Pairing a summer dress with tights or leggings is a much-seen styling combination, but you can also wear the dress as a tunic style and combine it with jeans. Jeans are a neutral base and offer versatile silhouettes. Not only skinny jeans are a perfect match with dresses, but also bootcut jeans and relaxed-fit jeans are great styling partners. Mind the silhouette of both the dress and the for a balanced styling.  
Oversized T-shirts, T-shirt dresses and short sleeve sweaters and blouses are our favorite go-to pieces on warm summer days, so why not wear them in fall? We suggest wearing them layered over a turtleneck long sleeve in a comfortable jersey quality or edgy mesh quality. The classic design elements of a turtleneck long sleeve create a neutral base for effortless combining with every top. Pick a turtleneck long sleeve with a close fit for a simple base that can be layered repeatedly.   

The shirt dress is an absolute favorite and offers multiple styling options thanks to the button-through front. Wear open and layer over a long sleeve-and-denim-combination or pair with a figure-hugging long sleeve dress. Reserved about showing off your feminine figure? Add a belt at the waist. This trick is also perfect for all your button-down blouses and tunics.    

Endlessly layered 
Creating layered looks offers an endless amount of styling possibilities for combining silhouettes, colors and materials endlessly and is the basis of developing a personal style. Pairing your summer styles in a more conventional way, layered with cardigans, blazers or jackets creates plenty of styling options and is key for innovative looks. Check out all of our layered looks and discover the possibilities.   

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