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6 new year’s resolutions to have more fun with your wardrobe

Sometimes, we seem to forget that clothes aren’t just functional but also fun. And that’s worth mentioning. Because we talk a lot about dress rules, do’s and dont’s and the perfect mix and match techniques, that we understand that the whole ambiance around clothes can get rather serious. And life already has so many restrictions momentarily. So, we’re giving you plenty of good reasons to mostly have fun with your wardrobe in the new year, and after that. Who knows, you might discover a new fashion side of yourself. Quickly read on to immediately change your wardrobe mindset.
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image with artdirection
1. Dress special every day
Why wait for a special occasion to wear your best outfit? Especially when special occasions are as rare as they are now. Every day is what you make of it, so make every day special. And sometimes, that starts with something simple as an extra beautiful outfit - for a feelgood day full of confidence.

2. Look at your body differently
We’re confronted with ‘perfect bodies’ every day - you know that’s not the real world, right? People aren’t made to look perfect all day long and besides that, our amazing bodies are capable of so much more. Be proud and take care of your body and remember that it should not be a case of creating the perfect body to fit into a garment but instead, find the perfect fit to suit your body.

3. Let go of trends
We love trends at PB, they’re lots of fun and inspiring. But as far as we’re concerned, we believe that trends should never be leading when it comes to creating your perfect wardrobe. It’s all about finding your own way. And if you want to follow trends, be selective and choose trends that suit you instead of copying everything without a second thought. You can opt for a range of quality timeless essentials, complemented by unique out-of-the-box designs for a well-balanced wardrobe with options for always adding an on-trend twist. . 
4. You are never too old
Forget rules concerning age. Whatever your style goals are, you’re never too old to look good and there are always ways to adjust a look to an age-appropriate version. So, don’t be put off by age-appropriate do’s and dont’s but focus on adding a personal twist and owning what you’re wearing.

5. Rediscover your own wardrobe
Did you know that 80% of the time, people only wear 20% of their wardrobe? If this is the case with you, that means that your closet is a treasure of options for creating new sets. A simple trick to try: for an entire month, track what you wear by hanging the clothes hanger back backwards. At the end of the months, the hangers that hang the correct way, are pieces you don’t wear enough and deserve more attention.

6. Get rid of clothes that don’t make you feel good
A new year asks for a breath of fresh air. This is the perfect time to sift through your wardrobe with a critical eye. Say goodbye to pieces you hope to fit someday, or that never were a good purchase to start with. Decluttering feels liberating and that’s no different when it comes to your wardrobe.

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