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7 tips for a sustainable wardrobe

Sustainability: a much-mentioned term that we can all contribute to - in which ever form. But today we’re zooming into maintaining a sustainable wardrobe and will guide you along the way with a few easy-to-do tips. And the great thing is, you don’t have to apply them all at once - start with methods that suit your current lifestyle best - which makes it easier to commit to for the long haul - and take it from there by adding one good new habit at a time. Quickly read on to discover more. 

1. Shop timeless & quality styles
Maintaining a sustainable wardrobe starts with shopping consciously. So, choose timeless items that go a long way style wise - and of good quality, which goes a long way material wise. Pass up on trendy, I’ll-probably-wear-that-for-only-one-season-but-it’s-cheap items. Sprucing up your timeless wardrobe with trendy items isn’t a bad thing, as long as you’re sure that won't be wearing them for merely one season. Think long term!
2. Develop your own style
Developing a signature style ensures a style-steady wardrobe, which makes you less prone to drifting along with every new trend - in turn, you’ll be less susceptive to impulse buys. There’s a much smaller chance that you’ll get bored with garments that radiate your personal style. Chances are, they’ll probably become favorites that you’ll end up wearing loads of times.

3. Consume less
Having a critical eye is crucial when you want to switch to a more durable wardrobe. This means, asking yourself this question regularly: do I really need this? Because, let’s be honest, when you already own four white shirts, a fifth shirt will add nothing new - unless the design is significantly different compared to what you already own and contributes to the development of your signature style.

4. Think capsule wardrobe
In a capsule wardrobe, everything revolves around endless combination options. Have you seen an item you want? Then think about the different ways you can team it with pieces you already own. If you can easily think of at least three different outfits that you’ll wear a lot, than you can assume that it complements your capsule wardrobe. Do this with every piece you shop from now on and creating your capsule wardrobe will feel effortless.

5. Don’t throw anything away
Own pieces you don’t wear anymore? Then find a new destination or owner for them. There are numerous options to choose from nowadays to avoid throwing garments away: sell, donate or recycle. The most fun way to find a new owner for your unworn pieces is to organize a clothes exchange with friends and inspire them to also start looking at their wardrobe differently. Damaged garment? Repair it yourself or take it to your local tailor - you’ll be surprised with what they can do with an almost discarded item. And don’t forget an easy-to-use tool like a wool razor that will remove lint and pilling to make your garment look almost new.
6. Use your creativity
You can see a piece of clothing for what it is, or you can try to look at it with a fresh eyes. Take a bathing suit for instance - it perfectly doubles as a bodysuit top worn with jeans or shorts. Or sift through your partners closet to borrow some oversized sweaters, T-shirts and shirts. Bored with that dull standard blouse you haven’t worn in a while? Why not replace the buttons for an instantly different look or cut off a pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore to convert into denim shorts.

7. Laundry knowledge 
Pieces that are dear to you should be well maintained - caring for them optimally is crucial for a longer life span. Wash less frequently and leave your clothes to ‘breathe’ in the outside air in between washes. A steamer is ideal for in-between refreshing and to postpone washing. No steamer at hand? Hang your garment in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. Avoid aggressive detergents and when possible, use special detergents for your whites, darks, denim, sports garments, delicates and wool - your clothes will love you for it!
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