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Autumn tip: creating a tanned summer complexion with bronzers

Bye bye Summer, hello Fall! Every ending also marks a new beginning - or in this case: a new season. So, Fall - the season of leaves tumbling down, lighting candles and warm knits. Makeup wise, this change of seasons means saying goodbye to glowy tanned skin and slowly but surely welcoming a slightly paler complexion. But we’re here to tell you that this can be fixed with a few easy makeup tips & tricks. We’ll show you how to prolong the enjoyment of a sunkissed look. Quickly read on. 
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The magic word here is bronzers. But we hear you: when you play the bronzer field without knowing what you’re doing, it could all go terribly wrong. With our simple tips, the chance of that happening will almost be annihilated.

1. Determine which bronzer you need
There are different types of bronzers out there; from liquids to powders. Which one you choose has everything to do with your skin type and the effect you wish to achieve. We’ll help you along with your choice.
• Liquid bronzers: perfect to add a few drops to your moisturizer or liquid foundation for a subtle all-over effect. Much like the effects of a tinted moisturizer but with the advantage that the color is customizable and adaptable to the different skin tones that you have throughout the year.
• Cream bronzer: suitable for dryer skin.
• Powder bronzer: suitable for more oily skin.
2. Where to apply bronzer
A bronzer isn’t a substitute for a self-tanner so it shouldn’t be applied all over the face. The idea of a bronzer is to apply it to areas of the face that get tanned naturally by the sun first. This means the forehead, the bridge of the nose, your cheekbones and chin.
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3. Determine how to apply bronzer
There are different ways to apply bronzer; from casually using your fingers to a more perfectionist way with a makeup brush. Whichever method you choose, it’s important to work with thin layers - after all, applying is much easier than removing.
4. Blend, blend, blend
This step is crucial, because once you’ve applied the right amount of bronzer on the right places, you want a natural looking result without harsh transitions and visible color differences. Only use a clean brush for this step (!) and lightly move the makeup brush over the face in circular motions until hard lines and color differences are gone.

5. Complement your bronzed look
Fall calls for warm autumn colors, not just clothes wise but also when it comes to makeup. And what better way to complement your bronzed look than with warm brown and gold tones around your eyes and on your nails?
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