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For your men | Discover CEO Peter’s 5 PB. favorites

At PB. almost everything revolves around women; the personal style of women, the beauty needs of women and at PB. headquarters women are by far in the majority. But like there’s a great woman behind every great man, the same goes the other way around. Behind PB.’s face Birgit, her husband Peter plays just as big of a role in PB.’s daily activities. And he also, is a loyal fan of our products. Yes, that’s correct…Peter loves the luxurious unisex products of the PB. collection and he’d love to share his favorites with you! Just in time for the holidays because at PB., shopping gifts for your husband is just as easy as shopping for your girlfriends. Quickly read on! 

1. Tanning 

In busy times with lots of long working days, I can use a dash of color - especially with the winter months ahead. You only need a little amount of this 1 Hour Tan Bronzing Mousse Face & Body to look refreshed, so one bottle goes a long way. And the brand name James Read sound manly too! I like TAN-LUX because it's so easy to customize your tanning by simply adding the perfect amount of The Face oil drops to your moisturizer and the effect is buildable. 

2. MALIN+GOETZ body care 

MALIN+GOETZ also looks good in a man’s skin care collection. Super unisex in terms of package design, but even when it comes down to products and fragrances, there’s plenty to choose from. What modern man doesn’t love a bit of wellness now and again? My absolute favorites are the Vitamin E Shaving Cream and the Eucalyptus Body Wash in Large so I can postpone shopping a new bottle as long as possible. After showering, it feels like I’ve been to the sauna!

4. Rahua hair care 

Okay, I’ll give you that the packaging isn’t necessarily very manly, but the effects of the Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner from Rahua are unparalleled! I’m still proud to have discovered this natural brand for PB., because their products keep winning different prizes. I use this at home and when traveling, I always take the Travel Size bottles with me.

4. IZIPIZI reading glasses 

I’m a fan of the reading glasses and reading sunglasses from IZIPIZI - as soon as you hit forty, your eyesight deteriorates. IZIPIZI is reasonably priced which enables you to add several versions to your collection - and the choice in colors and designs is wonderful and 100% unisex. My personal favorites are the #E designs. 

5. extreme cashmere knitwear 

Last but not least - oooh how I love this brand! Even men are sensitive to the luxurious feel of cashmere and extreme cashmere’s unisex designs are feel heavier which creates a more rugged look. The Fine Knitted Neck Pillow is at the top of my wish list this year - soooo comfortable! 
Extra tips from Peter:
As a man, I love my (digital) gadgets and caring for them properly is a priority. That’s why I have these DANHERA Fine Microfiber Cloths laying around all over the place; at home, in my car and when travelling. I use them to polish my glasses and for maintaining my Apple screens. I've made a personal selection of gifts I’d prefer to receive instead of a pair of socks any time. 
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