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How to create perfect beach waves – all year round

Life is better at the beach, and so is our hair. We love those carefree, natural and sexy beach waves as a result of a long beach day. Luckily, there are a few simple tips and tricks to create beach weaves all-year round – even if you have straight hair. Plus, our tips do not damage the hair like the sun and saltwater do. Quickly read on and discover 3 steps to create the perfect beach weaves like you’ve been strolling on Ibiza’s beaches all day long. 
We can’t say it often enough: preparation is everything. That also applies for your hair. Beach waves work best with second-day hair. Your hair should not be too clean and soft, so postponing your shampoo day is best. Want to wash your hair anyway? Then use a volumizing or texturizing shampoo, like the Volumista shampoo by Oribe or the Cleansing Voluminizing Paste by Christophe Robin. But even more important: use a primer to perfectly prep your hair for styling products to do their job properly. You wouldn’t use a good foundation or eyeshadow without a make-up primer first either, would you? Think a leave-in mist, a nourishing oil or lotion.
Hair primers
Good news: when it comes to creating beach weaves you don’t have to be a pro because with this hairstyle, imperfections are key. To create more volume and hold, start to build up your hair with a plumping hair mousse. Apply a pump to a towel or cloth, pick up the product with a chunky comb and apply to your hair from roots till ends. Do not rub the mousse in your hands first, as this will cause the mousse to lose its texture and therefore its plumping effect. Beach waves are characterized by the messy, wavy structure – so using a texturizing or (nourishing) sea salt spray is paramount. 

This is how you apply a texturizing spray best: 
- Apply from ear height down using gentle squeezing motions
- Break your hair up in sections, twist and let air-dry
- You can optionally speed up the process by using a blow-dryer

Do you have super straight hair? Then use a curling iron, but don’t curl each strand in the same direction and leave the roots and ends of your hair out of the curling process. The goal is to create a natural and effortless look, so try curling the sections in opposite directions. 

Beach waves styling products
Once you’ve created the perfect beach waves, you obviously want them to last all day long. Use a hairspray with a light to medium hold and a matte finish. The messy texture and natural movement of your hair are essential for your beachy hair look, so the last thing you want is your hair to look too polished.
Light to medium hold hairsprays
Are you more into obtaining your beachy hair naturally from spending a day at the beach? Then remember to protect your hair against damage from sun and sea. Discover our 8 simple tips here.

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