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7 tips for perfect self-tanned skin

For those who love an ultimate sun-kissed complexion, self-tanning is an absolute godsend - even if your holiday plans are canceled. However, you are not the only one who is afraid to transform into an orange or striped version of themselves. Fortunately, there are brands such as TAN-LUXE and James Read that counteract self-tanning faux pas and guarantee a natural glow due to crystal-clear formulas. Choose the self-tanning product that suits you and amaze everyone with your healthy golden tan – as if you were never in quarantine. With these 7 tips, that sun-kissed skin is on its way. Quickly keep on reading!

Self-tanners come in all shapes and sizes; oils, mousses, waters, lotions and butters - and even self-tanning drops to mix with your body lotion or favorite moisturizer. But don't forget to choose the right color. Always choose a shade that matches your natural skin tone and not based on the effect you want to achieve. You categorize for light/medium when you have a cool complexion with a red undertone that's prone to sunburn. You categorize as medium/dark skin when you naturally have an olive skin tone that tans easily. With each application you gradually build up a deeper color, so that you can determine the intensity of your golden glow yourself.
To avoid that unwanted orange or striped version of yourself, a special self-tanning mitt is a must for a perfect, streak-free result. Apply your tanning product in long sweeping motions and always move circular. Start with your face, working your way down to your feet and leave hands, elbows and feet for last. Very lightly go over your knees and elbows, they absorb the color faster.
A good start makes all the difference! So, don't forget to prepare your skin for your self-tanning session. Use a body scrub 24 hours before tanning to remove dead skin cells and create a super smooth surface for your tan. Apply a nourishing lotion on dry areas like hands, feet, knees, ankles and elbows.
Right before applying self-tanner, we advise to take a cold shower - not a must but smaller pores will ensure an even better result. Also, the first shower after application should be at a lower temperature. This will result in the most natural looking skin that will last longer. Make sure that you are not in a warm area - like a steamed-up bathroom - when applying your self-tanner.

Aiming for perfect skin for a special occasion? Make sure to start on time - at least two days before the special day. In the morning, you can fine-tune your tan by lightly applying H2O Tan Mist for a refreshing boost and gradual self-tanning. If you wish, you can also apply The Gloss on face and body for golden highlights.

After applying, wait for a minimum of 4 - but even better 8 - hours before hitting the shower. Your face can be washed after 60 minutes. Treat your skin like you would after sun tanning. That means applying a nourishing lotion daily and scrubbing your body every 3 days. By adding 1 or 2 drops of The Body to your body lotion, you keep your sun-kissed glow - all year round!
In a hurry? Keep your hairdryer at close range! Make sure you are in a cool space when applying. After the first layer, blow-dry your skin using the coolest setting before applying the second layer - if desired. The second layer will create a deeper and richer tan.

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