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Sporty meets stylish with Deblon Sports

Luxury sports label Deblon Sports has transformed fashion into sports and sports into fashion. How? Their story starts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where one of the founders of Deblon Sports (2014) lived for years and was impressed with the quality of the sportswear worn there. Women proudly wear their sports outfit all day long, showing off their feminine shape. The label has never let go of this Brazilian state of mind - the concept and the high-quality materials are still used for the Dutch brand to this day. "We have translated this into designs that embrace the female body", says Leonie Timmerman, owner of the brand since 2019, together with Meike Brandt. "The quality and luxurious finish of our products are what make them great. You can easily combine them with items from your daily wardrobe."
Owned, designed and managed in Amsterdam for and by women and produced in Brazil, the brand is now a well-run company with responsible work ethics towards people and the environment. 

Athleisure wear
From yoga and pilates to fitness and tennis - the multifunctional sportswear collection is perfect for any workout. However, the brand supports self-confident and fashionable women who also want to wear their sportswear as a part of their regular look, so they design stylish and feminine pieces that are easy to combine with your entire wardrobe - known as the 'athleisure' style. Leonie: “Deblon is feminine, luxurious, comfortable, distinctive and classy. Our items are ageless and therefore suitable for young ladies, but our mothers - in their 70s now - also enjoy wearing our items."

Mix-and-match the different pieces and create your favorite sportswear look or opt for an athleisure look and pair your styles with your casual wardrobe.
Athleisure looks
Shaping quality
The high-quality fabrics from Brazil are known for their technical performance. This means that the stretchy materials are shape- and colorfast, fully breathable, supportive and quick drying. The strong compression properties create a thick and shaping fabric for optimal blood circulation, great support and a flattering fit, creating unique fabrics that contribute to your self-confidence. “When creating a new collection, my colleague Meike Brandt always asks: does it make us more handsome? Yes! The figure-hugging fabrics create a beautiful silhouette, really complimenting the female shape”, says Leonie.

"The quality is very nice and comfortable to wear. Ladies who purchase an item for the first time always come back to us afterwards. We have a very loyal customer base. The shaping fits of our leggings make you feel ultra feminine - they might look a bit small at first, but nothing could be further from the truth because the fabric is extremely stretchy. When you wear it, you will see that the leggings perfectly conform to your body", says Leonie.

A timeless approach, made of sustainable fabrics and distinctive in design and color, Deblon Sports is a household name for women who appreciate quality, luxurious materials and stylish designs.
Wear it anytime, wear it anywhere!
Curious about the entire collection of Deblon sports? Discover and shop the collection here!

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