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How to get rid of puffy eyes

Whether you had a bad night, an awful allergy, a crying fit, or too much salt in your diet, puffy eyes never have the right timing. We don't always know why we get up with swollen eyelids, they definitely are annoying. And while prevention is better than cure, we have some tips for you to keep your eyes fresh, bright and puff-free. Read on quickly.  

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Remove your makeup

It cannot be said often enough: always remove your makeup at night! Leaving your makeup on all night can cause irritated and puffy eyes. Always remove your eye makeup gently and never rub your skin. Choose an eye make-up remover with soothing properties and remove the last residues with a cleanser. 

Change your sleeping position

To avoid puffy eyes, if possible, raise your head with more than one pillow and sleep on your back. Because, if you lie flat while sleeping, moisture builds up in the skin around your eyes. If you ensure that your head is slightly higher and your neck is sufficiently supported, you can reduce the occurrence of swelling. Besides that, going to bed on time is incredibly important for your health. Also try sleeping on a silk pillowcase for a better night's sleep and soothing effect on the skin. 

Massage the area around your eyes

Whatever the cause of your puffy eyes, your eyelids are retaining a lot of moisture at this point. Gently tap under the eyes with your ring finger from the inner corner of the eye to the outside to stimulate the flow of lymph, allowing the moisture to dissipate more quickly. With a bit of luck, the puffiness will be a lot less after that. Repeat this a few times and continue with the steps below for optimal results. 

Cool your eyelids

Place your favorite eye cream or eye serum in the refrigerator to create a cooling effect that will reduce swelling. Another option is to cool your eyes with ice cubes or to hold two tablespoons that have been briefly in the freezer against your eyes. Five to fifteen minutes is enough for a fresher look. 

Always use eye cream

Do you already use an eye cream? No? Now the time has come! Dry skin around your eyes can cause sensitivity and flakes, which makes swollen eyelids more likely, as well as wrinkles and a tired look. Dab some (cooled) eye cream around your eyes in the morning and evening and the puffiness will decrease faster. 

Use concealer properly

Are you really at your wits' end and do you also suffer from dark circles? Then makeup is your best friend. Opt for a high coverage concealer with a pinkish hue, which neutralizes the bluish tones of your dark circles. With a little highlighter under your bags, you light up the skin under your dark circles, reducing the shadow. Do not apply the highlighter directly on your bags, because then you will only accentuate them!  


Mascara is another great option for looking just a little more awake, as mascara helps to 'open' the eyes and make them look bigger - apply this to the top lashes only. You can also disguise the redness in the waterline with an eye pencil in a light color tone.

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