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4 steps for creating a home spa feel

The circumstances are ideal now: learn how to pamper yourself at home by creating a wellness spa feel in your own house. Grant yourself multiple moments of relaxation, get started with masks and oils and enriching your home with luxury and wellness. And with our easy detox tips, you might even pick up a good new habit or two. This way, cocooning and indulging yourself feels even nicer. Quickly read on and discover our 4 steps for instant wellness at home.

1. Care for your home

Let’s begin with your environment. Because enjoying more me-time starts with creating an extra relaxing space. And the changing of the seasons is the perfect timing; stock up on ambiance enhancing scented candles, enrich every room with luxurious room sprays or scented sticks and even relax more during your sleep with pillow sprays.

For your home
2. Care for your skin
For a true home spa experience, pampering the skin is a must. And the transition period in between seasons is the ideal moment to do some inventory on your collection of skin care to see what you’re missing. The colder months are by far the best seasons to give your skin some extra loving with oils, masks and special treatments. This will create perfect-looking and healthy skin later on during warmer seasons. 
For your skin
3. Care for your hair
Let’s not forget your hair! During colder seasons, skin is covered by layers of clothes - this makes our hair stand out even more. So, the goal is to show off healthy, strong and beautiful looking locks. What goes for your skin, also goes for your hair; oils, masks and treatments can do wonders and your hair will thank you for it all year round. 
For your hair
4. Care for your body
Beauty has as much to do with what you put into your body as what you put on it. You can give your body a great start this season by doing a mini detox. Of course, detoxing starts with cutting out things that aren’t good for you, but you shouldn’t stress too much about it. Start with small adjustments that feel doable to maintain. Choose from the options below:
• Cut down on alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, refined sugars and (over)processed foods
• Up your intake of healthy fats, fibers and vitamins by eating more veggies and fruits
• Make sure you drink plenty of fluids with water and tea. Experiment with fruit, herbs and vegetables like cucumber to add flavor to your water and switch it up with different types of tea or even a detox tea.
For your body
Extra detoxing
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