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Filippa K

With their 'less is more' motto Filippa K manages to always provide in modern-day fashion with a high standard and a perfect fit. This collection does exactly that! With a refined color pallet that never bores, Filippa K showcases a strong fashionable image meant for the confident woman who knows what she wants. The collection shows investment-pieces like leather designs and silk feminine (shirt) dresses in addition to a selection of basic must-haves like blazers, loose-fit blouses, trousers and basic jersey styles. The Filippa K woman gladly rids herself of unnecessary frills and can relate to the clean silhouettes and minimalistic detailing the designs offer.

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Founders Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg launch their Filippa K label in 1993, wanting to design trend -independent collections with substance and truth. Today this train of thought still serves as a foundation for the timeless Scandinavian designs. The selection in our Filippa K online shop completely supports this train of thought - we choose versatile minimalistic designs in luxurious fabrics. Our Filippa K online shop truly represents the brand.
Filippa K
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