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Perfect nails in 5 steps with Kure Bazaar - without chemicals!

Corn, wood pulp, cotton, and wheat; did you know that they can be used to make nail polish? We didn’t. But Kure Bazaar - our latest discovery in the area of nail polish and related products - is doing just that. The beauty brand is founded by former Brazilian model Kartike Luyet and eco-entrepreneur Christian David and is known for the use of eco-friendly and natural ingredients. Next to that, the vegan products are free from the 10 most damaging chemicals mostly found in chemical nail polishes. The result is beautiful and shiny nails with long-lasting color but without being hazardous to your health or the planet. We only see pros.

Read on below to discover our step-by-step explanation on how to polish your nails for a perfect result, with Kure Bazaar. You won’t only have beautiful nails but beautiful hands as well.
image with artdirection
image with artdirection
1. Prep - nail polish remover
Before you polish your nails, it’s important to create the right base and Kure Bazaar developed the perfect products to do so. The brand brings a hydrating and restorative nail polish remover without acetone, ethyl acetate and without unpleasant odors. The natural formulas are based on sugar cane, wheat, and corn. The nail polish removers effortlessly remove nail polish residue and replenish and nourish the nails.
2. The in-between step - the manicure and pedicure
The manicure- and pedicure set from Kure Bazaar is the must-do next step after using the nail polish remover and contains a nail file, a cuticle pusher, and a hand mask. File your nails into shape and wear the gloves. Open the gloves at the fingertips and push back the cuticles using the cuticle pusher.

Tip: prepare your nails the night before you apply the nail polish. Clean the nails using the nail polish remover and use the manicure and pedicure set after. Leave the manicure cream from the manicure and pedicure set to penetrate the skin and apply nail polish the next morning.
3. Prime - the base coat 
Kure Bazaar offers a base coat that's enriched with natural ingredients like bamboo and vitamin E. The quick-drying and long-lasting formula is perfect for brittle and damaged nails because it restores and hardens. The Clean nail polish can also be used as a base coat. This multi-purpose nail polish creates a smooth, groomed and clean base with a more matte finish. 
4. Colors - discover the color range
Nail polishes by Kure Bazaar are inspired on catwalk looks and are a combination of nature and urban elements. Kure Bazaar divides their colors into color groups, and some colors categorize under multiple groups, so you’ll always find the perfect shade for the occasion and your personal taste. 

Les Rouges
Les Rouges contains red and dark pink hues with pops of burgundy and orange. 
Les Beige & Nudes
Les Beiges & Nudes contains - as the name reveals - soft beige and nude tones with hints of dark red.  
Les Naturels
The Les Naturels selection represents a palette of neutrals with added soft pink tones.  
Les Oranges 
Les Oranges showcases orange hues with both red or coral tones.  
Les Roses
Les Roses represents your favorite pink colors from soft pink to a brighter pink and tones of pink with a red or orange undertone. 
Les Noirs & Blancs
Les Noirs & Blancs are the non-colors, leaded by black and grey tones. 
Ors - Les Jaunes & Verts - Les Blues - Les Violets 
Ors contains striking metallic colors, Les Jaunes & Verts represents the green tones, Les Bleus holds blue tones, while Les Violets is all about purple hues. 

5. Finishing Touch - de top coat 
A top coat is an essential finishing touch to keep polished nails optimally protected, for a long-lasting result. The Dry Finish top coat has a gel like formula that creates more color intensity with smooth, strong and healthy nails as a result. The Final Touch top also effectively protects, but is mostly known for its ultra-glossy finish. 

Not only beautiful nails, but also cared for hands define your overall look. So, read our blog on how to treat dry hands for a beautifully soft and smooth result.

Curious about products by Kure Bazaar? Check out our entire selection here and choose your favorite!  

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